Frequently asked questions

Do you work with companies or individuals?

I work with both companies and individuals. My linguistic services help to facilitate internationalization of companies’ businesses and to satisfy the needs of individuals in different areas of everyday life.

Can you handle large translation volumes?

Yes, I can handle large translation volumes as well. In this case I rely on my database of professional and experienced translators. All translators are carefully screened.

Do I need to send a copy of the original or the original document to you?

It depends on the requirements of the institution for which this sworn translation is intended. Very often it is sufficient to send to us a scanned copy of the original per email or to send it via our contact form. When the sworn translation is ready, it will be attached to the printed copy of the original and sent to you by normal or registered post (depending on your request).
Some institutions prefer to receive sworn translations attached to the original documents. Due to this you will need to send your original documents to us by registered post. When the sworn translation is ready, it will be attached to the original and sent to you by registered post. Alternatively you can bring your original documents yourself to our address (visits by appointment only) and pick up sworn translations when they are ready.
In order to find out whether the sworn translation needs to be attached to the original or to a copy of the original, you need to contact the institution for which the sworn translation is intended.

How do you deliver your ready translations?

I deliver translations depending on the Customer’s requirements. It can be per e-mail or by post.
Sending the document per e-mail is applicable when you need a non-sworn translation. In case of a sworn translation, we always send it by post due to the fact that sworn translations are stamped and signed by the translator. If you want a sworn translation to be attached to the original of your document, you will be requested to send this original document to me by post. When translation is ready I will send it (attached to the original) back to you by post. If you want a sworn translation to be attached to the copy of your document, you will be requested to send a copy of it per e-mail. When translation is ready, I will send it (attached to the copy) back to you by post.

How do I submit a document for translation?

You can email your document to:

What if I am not satisfied with the translation quality?

Your feedback is important to me. Although I strive to provide high quality translations, in case of a negative feedback, I will do my best to look at the translation again and to resolve the issue by correcting the translation free of charge (if I agree with your complaint). Please send your request to correct the translation as soon as possible, but no later than 10 working days after the receipt of the translation.

Do you guarantee quality and confidentiality of translations?

Certainly. I am a qualified professional in the field of linguistics. Moreover, I guarantee that your information will be treated in a confidential manner. I have sworn an oath at the court of Rotterdam which obliges me to treat every single document with complete confidentiality. Printed copies of documents will be shredded using special equipment.

When do I pay the invoice?

The invoice needs to be paid before I start translating your document. The invoice, with all bank details, will be sent by email.

How do I get a free quote?

Please fill in the contact form on my website. I will send you an email and you can attach your scanned document for translation in your reply email. In the field ‘Remarks’ please indicate any relevant information and the date when you expect to get a ready translation. You will get a quote in a few hours.

Can you maintain the document layout?

To the extent possible, I try to maintain style and layout of the original document in the translation.