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Do you come from the former U.S.S.R./current Russia and want to work or study in the Netherlands? Do you want your foreign diploma to be evaluated in the Netherlands? Then you will definitely need an official sworn translation of your foreign diploma and your academic transcript.
Elena Translations provides fast and accurate sworn translation services of diplomas and academic transcripts.

(Sworn) Russian diploma /academic transcript translation

Elena Translations offers fast and accurate certified translation services of diplomas and academic transcripts. We can translate your Russian diploma/academic transcript into English or Dutch. Very often it is better to translate your diploma/academic transcript from Russian into English because English has become the universal language of the world. In this case you will be able to use this official translation of your diploma/academic transcript in other countries too.

We can translate your diploma!

Do you want to work or to continue your education in Russia? For this purpose your diplomas in Dutch/English need to be officially translated. No worries! We can help you! We provide sworn translation services of diplomas/academic transcripts from English/Dutch into Russian.

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