Sworn translation of a non-marriage certificate

Sworn Translations non-marriage Certificate by Translation Agency Elena Translations

If you move to the Netherlands from Russia (or the former USSR countries) and plan to get married here, you may have to provide IND or the Dutch municipal authorities with a certificate of no marriage record (non-marriage certificate) which states that there is no marriage record under your name in the relevant civil registry authorities in Russia. This document needs to be legalized (usually by means of an apostille) and translated into English or Dutch by a sworn translator in the Netherlands.

We can provide a sworn translation for your non-marriage certificate!

Elena Translations can help you with (sworn) translations! We make sworn translations of Russian non-marriage certificates into English/Dutch on a regular basis. These sworn translations are accepted by the Dutch authorities.
We also translate non-marriage certificates from English/Dutch into Russian in case you need to submit your Dutch/English documents to the foreign authorities. This may be needed, for example, if you, being a Dutch national, want to marry someone abroad, for example, in Russia.

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