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Do you need a passport translation?

Elena Translations can help you with it! We make sworn translations of passports from Russian into English and from English into Russian on a regular basis.

Passport translation (English-Russian)

Why would you need to translate your passport from English into Russian? The main reason is your travel to Russia and the necessity to perform some legal actions there. You will need to translate your passport into Russian, if:

  • you need to perform some banking operations in Russia
  • you plan to marry in Russia
  • you need to verify your identity at some authorities
  • you plan to live, work or study in Russia

These are just a few examples.

Passport translation (Russian- English)

Do you have a passport issued in Russia and need an English translation? English translation of your Russian internal passport is sometimes needed if you need to prove your address of residence in a foreign country, for example.
As you see, there are many benefits of having your passport translated. It will help you to prepare for a stress-free stay in a foreign country!

What are the passport translation requirements?

It is important that a professional sworn translator performs translation of your passport. All words on the passport must be translated. The translation needs to be attached to the source document. Moreover, it needs to be accompanied by a signed and stamped statement of a sworn translator.

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Elena Translations will make a sworn translation of your passport ensuring the quality of it. Our sworn translations are accepted by all official authorities in the Netherlands and abroad (after legalization of the translation by means of an apostille). Contact me today and I will deliver an accurate sworn translation of your passport at a competitive rate!

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